Balancing Career and Family

As a 34 year old, Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur I can admit there are certainly days where I have to have pep talks with myself. While I’m certainly not an expert, in fact I would be weary if anyone told me they were, I definitely has some tips on how to make life easier:

 Build a solid support network

This is my number one tip because it can honestly make or break you. I am very fortunate to have built a power squad of inspirational people who motivate and support me. If you don’t have one, start building one. It’s easy once you set the intention that you will only let supportive and worthy people into your life. For me, the centre of my support network is my husband. There is honestly no one else on this planet who compliments me the way he does, or accepts my renegade drive and all of the craziness that come along with it.

Dedicate one day a week to family

When I decided to go back to work, I made a commitment to myself that I would work from home one day a week. I’m 5 months in and am proud to say that I’m still able to maintain my boundaries, but as the clients and commitments start piling up it’s definitely making it harder to do that. So, I’m taking my own advice and have started hiring on support resources to help me share the workload.

Plan the work, work the plan

I re-write my goals at least once a week. This helps me keep on track and keep things in perspective. If I don’t know where I’m going, I can’t come up with a plan on how to get there.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

This used to be extremely difficult for me. I used to pile up my plate to insane levels and then wonder why I’d have a meltdown every quarter. Now with the little guy in tow, I’m very careful about what I take on. I’ve developed a checklist of things to help me decide if it’s something worthwhile for me:

  1. How will this help promote my business?
  2. How will this achieve my goals?
  3. How much time will this take?

Once I weigh out these questions, I tend to have a better sense of whether or not it’s worthwhile for me to take on.

Outsource menial tasks

Between my Amazon Prime and Honest Company accounts, I have the annoying day-to-day purchases covered. If I didn’t have a husband that enjoyed cooking and grocery shopping, I would likely outsource that as well, and there are actually lots of really cool companies that provide healthy food and recipes so you don’t have to skimp in that department either.

What are some of your hot tips to balance life and work? Write them in the comments section!

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