How to Write S.M.A.R.T. New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

A new year offers a fresh start and new will to tackle goals. But don’t just vaguely wish your goals into reality- write (yes, with a paper and pen, or put it in the notes of your phone, whatever, just have it written somewhere you can reference it) your goals using the SMART technique:

S- Specific

Goals work best when there is no room for interpretation. Be specific with your New Year’s Resolution so there isn’t any wiggle room, because we both know if there’s a way to modify or misconstrue goals we set in January, come July we’ll do it.

M- Measurable

How will you know once you’ve achieved your New Year’s Resolution? I use the “done and won” analogy on projects all the time- how do you know when you’re done, and how do you know if you’ve won? Ask yourself the same questions when trying to determine what success will look like.

A- Achievable

Don’t ruin your chances of succeeding before you’ve even begun; make sure you write a Resolution that is actually possible.

R- Relevant

How does your Resolution tie in with your day-to-day life? How aligned is it with your personal ethos and where you are personally/professionally/etc.? I’d love to go live the life of a 20 year old supermodel as much as the next person lol, but setting a goal like that isn’t really setting myself up for success.

T- Time Bound

Give yourself a deadline! This also helps you develop a schedule and strategy to hit your target by the deadline you give yourself.


What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions? Write them below!


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