Our Membership Services

Running a small business can be lonely and daunting. By subscribing for a Hooligan Consulting membership service, you are leveraging the experienced, objective and customized expertise of a Consulting professional. We offer a wide variety of service options depending on your size and business needs.

Membership options

$250/quarter $500/month Depending on organizational size: $1,000-$5,000/month
Service Description Sustain Plus Premium
Business plan updates Changes to your business plan are inevitable. Let us take the burden of updating your business plan and ensuring it is up to date, and available on demand. X X X
Performance improvement metrics Do you track your business's performance on a quarterly or annual basis? Let Hooligan Consulting keep you on track and mitigate risks by using industry benchmarking and predictive analysis to help you set, and surpass your targets. Quarterly X
Business strategy updates A strategy is only successful if it is constantly monitored, measured against, and updated based on changing factors. Let us check in, update and consult with you to optimize your chances of success. Quarterly X
Sales strategy updates Once your business development KPI's have been established, you will need help monitoring and adjusting them. This service ensures your sales professionals are set up for success and measures their performance toward meeting company objectives. 1 hour|monthly Unlimited (pay for access retainer)
Management consulting Advisory management consulting services to comprehend the varied complexities to your business and offer creative, unbiased, ethical and customized solutions. 1 hour|quarterly 2 hours|monthly Unlimited (pay for access retainer)

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